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Stressing Tendons with Short Tendon Tails

In certain situations, the tendon tail of an unbonded post-tensioning tendon may be too short to stress with the hydraulic jack.  With the standard nose piece, the PT stressing operator would need around 13 inches of tendon tail (outside the … Continue reading

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PTI 2011 Technical Presentation – Target Field

Presentation by Neel Khosa given during the Post-Tensioning Institute’s 2011 Technical Conference. Topic is about the use of unbonded post-tensioned concrete and stage-stressing PT girders in Target Field stadium, home of the Minnesota Twins MLB team. Minnesota Twins Target Field … Continue reading

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What is Post-Tensioning?

The 2-page document below was developed by Post-Tensioning Institute to explain the benefits, applications, terminology, elements and construction of post-tensioned concrete. Post-Tensioning products includes unbonded tendons, bonded tendons, bars/rock anchors and stay-cables. What Is Post Tensioning View more documents from … Continue reading

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