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Diagram of Post Tensioning Slab

Your typical Unbonded Post-Tensioned concrete slab will require the following items: Post-Tensioning Tendon Anchorage Devices (at stressing, intermediate, fixed ends) Reusable Pocket Formers (at stressing ends) Split Pocket Formers (at intermediate ends) Wedges (at stressing, intermediate, fixed ends) Stressing Equipment … Continue reading

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Material Properties of Post-Tension Strands

The following is a list of basic formulas for 270 ksi, 7-wire Prestressing steel strand (per ASTM-A416) used in Post-Tensioned concrete. _______________________________ Assume 0.5″ diameter strand has cross-sectional area of 0.153 sq.in. and weight of 0.525 lbs/ft. Assume 0.6″ diameter strand … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Field Friction Test for Post Tension Tendons

This educational video from AMSYSCO, Inc. shows the process for determining the Friction Coefficients. Post Tensioning Institute (definitions): Friction Loss:  the loss of stress (force) in a prestressing tendon resulting from friction created between the strand and sheathing during stressing. … Continue reading

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