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Post Tension Friction-Loss Calculations

The friction-loss calculations are important submittals for post-tensioning tendons. The calculations determine what the tendon’s final force is after short-term and long-term friction losses. The key input parameters for “Long-Term Losses” are as follows: Post-Tensioning System (Unbonded or Bonded) Type … Continue reading

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Kink in a Tendon

On rare occasions, the installer will unroll a tendon that looks like this… WHAT WILL HAPPEN? During the stressing operation, this tendon will probably break due to the eccentric force at the anchorage. Chances are that this tendon would break … Continue reading

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What is Post-Tensioning?

The 2-page document below was developed by Post-Tensioning Institute to explain the benefits, applications, terminology, elements and construction of post-tensioned concrete. Post-Tensioning products includes unbonded tendons, bonded tendons, bars/rock anchors and stay-cables. What Is Post Tensioning View more documents from … Continue reading

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