Barrier Cable Maintenance

The following is a general maintenance procedure for the Galvanized Barrier Cable system. The procedure is basic in nature, is subject to change and does not cover any special conditions.

  1. (ANNUALLY) Inspect galvanized barrier cable for damage from vehicles and/or corrosive elements.
  2. (ANNUALLY) Clean cables with wet rag.
  3. (QUARTERLY) Inspect anchorage locations (and grout pockets, if applicable).
  4. (QUARTERLY) Test horizontal deflection at each cable at mid-point of cable run. Horizontal deflection should not exceed 18 in. (457 mm). Vertical deflection can be tested for loosening of cables.
  5. (QUARTERLY) Verify height and spacing requirements referenced in section 1.2.2 (of the PTI Specification for Barrier Cable Applications).
    1. “The system shall be a minimum of 42 in. (1065 mm) in height and be constructed such that a 4 in. (100 mm) diameter sphere shall not pass through any opening up to a height of 34 in. (864 mm). Above 34 in. (864 mm), an 8 in. (203) diameter sphere shall not pass through the openings.”
  6. (IF DAMAGED) Contact a qualified supplier of barrier cable for repair procedures and additional information.

A copy of the PTI Specification can be purchased online at the Post-Tensioning Institute website.

– Neel Khosa, Vice President


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