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PTI AMSYSCO Scholarship Program

The new PTI AMSYSCO Scholarship program has been recently established by AMSYSCO, Inc. to commemorate the company’s 30 years in the post-tensioning industry. In announcing this new scholarship program, AMSYSCO owner, Rattan Khosa said

Last week AMSYSCO completed 30 years in business. Only in this great country America, one can come with just $8 and later start a business in a basement. Over the years, I have been returning to the community, part of what I make every year, through my private foundation named after my parents. I thought it was time that I did something for the post tensioning. It will be great to award scholarships through PTI.”

The AMSYSCO Scholarship will provide two engineering students with $2,500 each for the Winter/Spring 2012 school term.

  • The student must attend an U.S. engineering undergraduate or graduate program with preference given to those attending the University of Maryland, and the University of Illinois at Urbana, IL.
  • The student is required to be in good standing academically and must be pursuing a civil and/or structural engineering degree.
  • Preference will also be given to students studying and/or researching in the field of post-tensioned concrete.

Award recipients will be selected and announced March 30, 2012. In addition, the award recipient will be honored at an awards ceremony that will be held in conjunction with the Post-Tensioning Institute’s 2012 Annual Technical Conference.

The student will be invited to attend the conference and awards presentation at PTI expense. Please refer to information below to apply:

  1. Submittal checklist
  2. 2012 PTI AMSYSCO Scholarship Application Form
  3. 2012 PTI AMSYSCO Scholarship Reference Form
  4. 2012 PTI AMSYSCOApplicant Certification Form

These forms are also available in Microsoft Word file format. Contact PTI and request the 2012 PTI AMSYSCO Scholarship package

Application deadline: February 29, 2012

The content of this post is provided from the Post-Tensioning Institute. The scholarship selection process will be managed by the Post-Tensioning Institute.

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