Protecting exposed strand at Construction Joints

With some post-tension systems, the installer is required to strip the plastic-sheathing in order to install the intermediate anchors at the construction joints. One issue is how to protect the exposed strand until the second pour is made (pictured below – Pour #1 on left and Pour #2 on right).

Exposed strand at construction joint

One solution is to put visqueen or a tarp on top of the bulkhead until the second pour is made. This has been specified by some Structural Engineers in order to protect the exposed strand from corrosive elements such as rain and snow.

Another solution is to push the plastic tubes on to the backside of the bulkhead in the second pour (pictured below). This would provide added protection to the post-tension system at a lower cost than tarpping.

Strand protected by Tubing

– Neel Khosa, Vice President

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