Historical Timeline of Anti-Dumping with Prestressed Concrete Strand

Historical Timeline of Anti-Dumping (AD) and Countervailing Duties (CVD) associated with Prestressed Concrete (PC) Steel Wire Strand.

December 8, 1978:  U.S. Treasury issued antidumping findings on PC strand imports from Japan.

February 3, 1999:  After its first review, U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) issued a continuation of the antidumping duty findings on PC strand imports from Japan.
January 31, 2003:  A coalition of three U.S. domestic strand suppliers filed an anti-dumping complaint against Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea and Thailand with U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC).

March 17, 2003:  USITC preliminary determined that imports from five countries materially injured domestic PC strand producers.

July 11, 2003:  USDOC announced preliminary determinations for antidumping compliant and levied countervailing duties against five countries.

December 2, 2003:  USDOC and USITC announced issued anti-dumping order on prestressed concrete steel wire strand (PC strand) from Brazil, India, Mexico, South Korea and Thailand.
Early/Mid 2004:  Strand shipments from China entered U.S. strand market through third-party brokers.

June 25, 2004:  USITC conducted second five-year review of PC steel wire strand from Japan and continues duties.

December 2008 to March 2009:  USITC conducted full five-year review of countervailing duty on PC strand from Brazil, India, Japan (3rd review), Korea, Mexico and Thailand.
May 27, 2009:  A coalition of the same three U.S. domestic strand suppliers filed an anti-dumping complaint against Chinese strand suppliers.

July 10, 2009:  All six USITC commissioners voted in favor that there is a case for dumping.

October 26, 2009:  USDOC and USITC announced in affirmative preliminary determination with countervailing duty on strand from China.

December 18, 2009:  USDOC announced its preliminary determination of dumping rate of 37.72% to 193.55% (depending on the Chinese steel mill).

January 2010:  By-in-large, Chinese strand suppliers exited US market.

May 17, 2010:  USDOC announced its final determination in AD and CVD investigations.

June 10, 2010:  USITC determined US industry is materially injured by Chinese imports.  USDOC determined imports were subsidized and sold in the U.S. at less than fair value.

June 29, 2010:  USDOC and USITC announced issued anti-dumping duty order on prestressed concrete steel wire strand (PC strand) from China.

– Rattan Khosa, AMSYSCO

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