History of the Post-Tensioning Manual

Currently, the Post-Tensioning Manual is in its 6th Edition (2006, first printing) and is published by the Post-Tensioning Institute (Technical Advisory Board committee).

The Prestressed Concrete Institute (Post-Tension committee) published the 1st edition of the Post-Tensioning Manual in 1972.  Thereafter, the Post-Tensioning Institute published the 2nd edition in 1976, the 3rd edition in 1981, the 4th edition in 1985 and the 5th edition in 1990 (with its fifth printing of the 5th edition in 2000).

The previous version of the PT Manual (5th Edition) had more of a “marketing feel” compared to the current edition.  It was released due to the advent of the 1989 version of ACI-318 Code.  Below is a short excerpt from the Introduction which gives some historical contention of the birth of post-tensioning.

Further development of post-tensioning was interrupted by World War II.  However, the shortage of steel in the post-war years gave impetus to the use of prestressed concrete in replacing war damaged bridges throughout much of Europe.

The Manual included sections on the following:

  • Applications of Post-Tensioning
  • Post-Tensioning Systems (by company/supplier)
  • PT Specifications
  • Recommendations for Prestressed Rock and Soil Anchor (more information in a separate PTI manual)
  • Analysis & Design of Post-Tensioned Structures (more information in separate PTI manuals).
  • Detailing & Construction Procedures
  • Fire Resistance of Post-Tensioned Structures.

The Post-Tension-Manual-5th-Edition-Amsysco PDF File (downloadable, 1MB) includes an excerpt from the old 5th Edition which promotes AMSYSCO, Inc. and its product at the time.  You’ll notice our old headquarters in Addison, IL and a sample project listing.

– Neel Khosa, AMSYSCO

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