An online year in review…

It’s been one-year since AMSYSCO re-launched its Post-Tensioning website (  Concurrently, we launched our corporate blog ( and revamped our corporate Amsysco_Brochure brochure with the help of Group365.

In the past year, we have also expanded our online presence beyond the Corporate Network.  Our internet expansion includes several media networks in the following categories:  Career, Reference, Social and Video.

Corporate Network:

  • Blog –  Read free content about Post-Tensioned reinforcement.
  • Amsysco_Brochure
  • Website – Learn about what AMSYSCO has to offer to you.

Career Network:

Reference Network:

Social Network:

Video Network:

  • YouTube – View educational videos about Post-Tensioning.

We believe that social media is one component of effective communication for a niche industry.  The broad goal was to increase the company’s internet visibility within the Post-Tensioned concrete industry.  At the same time, we wanted to educate General Contractors, Concrete Contractors, Architects, Structural Engineers, suppliers, employees and business partners about Post-Tensioned construction.

– Neel Khosa, AMSYSCO

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