Certified Plant

AMSYSCO, Inc. has had a long-standing history with providing a quality product governed by the Post-Tensioning Institute’s plant certification program. AMSYSCO passed the first 36 inspections in our old Addison, Illinois warehouse. Last year, we passed our 41st inspection operating under our Romeoville, Illinois warehouse.

AMSYSCO’s average rating in the past five years is over 91.0 out of 100.0. This is well above the industry average (est. high 80’s).

Links to our most recent PTI Certificates:

41st Inspection: 2009 Part 2 40th Inspection: 2009 Part 1

39th Inspection: 2008 Part 2 38th Inspection: 2008 Part 1

37th Inspection: 2007 Part 2 36th Inspection: 2007 Part 2

PTI Letter: 35th Inspection: Summarizes 35 inspections from 1989 to 2006.

To learn more about the Post-Tensioning Institute ‘Certified Plant’ Program, please visit our posting on Feb. 18, 2010.

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