Post-Tensioning Information Session for General Contractors

I am creating a Post-Tensioning Information Session for General Contractors (project managers, superintendents and project engineers). The goal is to provide General Contractors a basic education of how to manage post-tensioning construction.  The session should offer an introduction to newcomers and reinforce the understanding of seasoned veterans.

The Information Session will be issued under the Post-Tensioning Institute’s Field Certification Committee. PTI has a three-member task group that is in the early stages of developing the info session. Tentatively, the subject matter will include an intro to post-tensioning, PT components, construction team, submittals, pre-installation, installation management, post-concrete placement (stressing, elongation, etc.) and troubleshooting.

I hope the information session will benefit the post-tensioning industry and the construction industry in the future.

(Update 10/23/2010:  AMSYSCO has developed a presentation for Contractors using their own resources)

– Neel Khosa, AMSYSCO Inc.

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